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hello all,
I was wondering if there was a school in the USA that doesn’t require anatomy and physiology as a pre requisite?


hello all,
I was wondering if there was a school in the USA that doesn’t require anatomy and physiology as a pre requisite?

I haven't looked at every school but I am going to say the answer is no. Those are the two most crucial pre-req courses. You can however put them down as "in progress or planned" on your application depending on the school.


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Nov 12, 2012
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A couple of schools have special notes related Anatomy/Phys:

University of North Georgia:
Must take Bio 1. In addition, must take 2 more courses in ANPS or Biology. Must take 2 courses in Psychology or Social Sciences

Western University of Health Sciences:
Can take two combined A&P or a Physiology course and Biology

Marquette University:
Required Anat/Phys I Yes Anat/Phys II No


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Dec 13, 2017
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If you go onto PTCAS, they list the schools with their pre-reqs and you can filter through those that don't require A&P!


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Mar 14, 2018
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I can't necessarily link with my account, but feel free to google "PTCAS Prerequisites", click on the first link and it should you lead you to a page with other links. Click on the top one which says "Comparison of Course Prerequisites by Program (.pdf)". It should list out all of the schools and their prerequisites in a nicely formatted chart. Look under the light blue section and look for any schools that have a empty blank line in that section. I've listed the ones below for your convenience (within PTCAS), but feel free to double check with each respective school and their website.

Does not require both anatomy and physiology:
Duquesne U
Maryville U of Saint Louis*
Quinnipiac U
U of Evansville
U of North Georgia

Only requires physiology:
Creighton U
New York Institute of Technology
New York U
St. Ambrose U
U of Alabama at Birmingham
U of South Alabama
U of Texas Med Branch at Galveston

Only requires anatomy:
East Carolina U
Western Kentucky U

99% of programs do require anatomy and physiology (either as two separate courses or combined courses). Hope this helps!
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