1. aspiringdentistplshelp

    Question about Double majoring

    I'm currently majoring in chemistry and wanted to possibly add a human bio major. The credits align very well and I'll still graduate on time. What major GPA would dental schools look at? or would they look at both? also does it look better having another major?
  2. GlassOnion

    Can I be nutritionist while in med school?

    So my ultimate goal is to be a surgeon, however, I want to double major in nutrition while doing my undergrad so that by the time I start med school I will already have a stable job that can pull me through financially. Is it possible to have a job like that and go to med school? How...
  3. EsotericCatalyst

    Undergrad Major

    I know this topic has been posted ad infinitum in these forums, and so much advice has been given. I've used the search function but something is still eating at me to the point where I'm now posting instead of lurking. I love psychology. Ever since I took AP psych in high school i've fell in...
  4. westsfootball

    Honors College or Graduate with Honors and double major?

    Hello, I'm at the University of Oregon right now and currently enrolled in the Honors College. However, I don't really like the Honors College and would rather double major in something that I do like (which would be economics). Does having "Honors College" on your resume and transcript matter...