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    Questions to ask DPT programs during interview

    Hey guys, I have a few interviews coming up. I have heard that DPT programs love when you ask questions, but I am not sure what to ask considering I have researched everything I could find about the school and asked the admissions office all of the other questions I had. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I

    Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL interview

    Hello everybody, I recently scored an interview with Midwestern University in Downers Grove! Can anyone who has had an interview here explain to me what the process is like and what types of questions are asked? Thank you,
  3. S

    Midwestern University MABS 2018-2019

    Hey guys, didn't see a thread up for this cycle so wanted to create one. Anyone get accepted yet?
  4. S

    Midwestern IL Master of Biomedical Science 2018-2019

    Hey guys, I didn't see a thread up for this so wanted to go ahead and create one.. Have people applied and heard anything back yet?
  5. Y

    Midwestern AZ vs DG? MBS

    Got into both schools' MBS program, debating which one would be a better fit. I am from IL but I don't mind at all moving to AZ. Have any of you heard about one being better than the other? I'm set on doing the 2 year MBS in hopes to get accepted elsewhere and drop out after the first year. Any...
  6. C

    Midwestern MBS Downer's Grove 2017-19

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone else was accepted/accepted their seat in the 2017-2019 program? Haven't really found any threads or FB groups so figured I'd start one!
  7. A

    Too Late for Masters?

    Currently applying to MWU in IL and AZ- should finish the app before June 1st. What are my chances of actually getting in this late? Are there any other masters with a guaranteed interview program into their dental schools with rolling admissions up to July ish? Thank you in advance
  8. Fancy312

    Midwestern University (IL) MBS Program 2016

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone that has gotten any news at all regarding their application for the 2 year MBS program in IL???? Still playing the waiting game over here and constantly checking my email/mailbox :nailbiting::coffee: If you can reply below on how when you submitted everything...
  9. O

    CCOM reasonably priced housing?

    Starting at CCOM in the fall and didn't get what I wanted with the on campus housing application. Can someone tell me what's a good area (reasonably priced) to look for a 1 bedroom apartment? Much appreciated
  10. U

    Midwestern University Downer's Grove MBS 2016-2017

    Hey everyone. I was accepted to Midwestern's MBS (2 year program) starting August 2016 and was wondering if there was anyone else out here on SDN who was thinking about applying, sent in their application, placed on hold, or accepted or anything in between lol Feel free to chime in. Maybe we...