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  1. rebstaka_reb

    Stony Brook DPT Interview 2023

    Has anyone else received an invitation for SBU DPT program for 11/17 at the Southhampton campus? I received the invitation but why does it feel weird? The orientation starts at noon and it also includes a tour of the campus. It seems almost unrealistic to have everyone interview on the same day...
  2. R

    Do I Have to Practice in the State That I Take the NPTE in?

    This may be a silly question, but I have heard conflicting information. Basically, I'm just wondering if I go to school and take/ pass the NPTE in, for example Oregon, would that mean that I have to practice in that specific state forever? Would I be unable to practice in another state? And, if...
  3. iplants

    DPT Transfer

  4. A

    Ohio DPT Schools 2020-2021

    Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has heard from any Ohio schools yet? I applied to OU, Dayton, Cleveland St, and Youngstown St. I received an interview with Dayton but haven't heard back from any other schools!
  5. reesetee

    Anybody know any dpt programs accepting older prereqs 5-7 years old??

    I know UIC is one school... Any others??
  6. G

    Howard University DPT Class of 2021

    There definitely was no current thread for Howard, so here it is. Has anyone heard anything back from Howard? Whether it be an interview or acceptance or something. They're super silent right now and it's making me a little nervous.
  7. C

    Need to "Petition" to retake Pre-Reqs at a Community College?

    I just graduated UM and I'm looking to get into a DPT program, however my cGPA and pGPA is too low. I was looking into retaking 3 of my pre-reqs that I received "C"s in at a community college. The problem is that they're saying I'm not allowed to because I already passed the class (with a C, I...