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  1. M

    MSW student to DO??

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I hope I’m posting in the right place! I’m currently in a Master’s of Social Work program with the intention to become a therapist. After completing my first year including my first field placement, I’ve determined that social work is not for me. I...
  2. R

    Possible Career Change

    I just started my DS1 year and am hesitant in continuing dental school. Around 2 years ago, I started having some hand issues but multiple orthopedic surgeons assured me that they would resolve in time. None of them believed that this would hinder me from going to dental school so I decided to...
  3. MrsPolly

    Online pre-req classes for Cornell

    I've looked around and haven't specifically found the answer, but does anyone know if Cornell takes online classes as pre-reqs for vet school? I've reached out to admissions via email, but havent heard back yet. Long story short: I'm a college drop out from years past with a current (sales)...
  4. H

    Dropping out of SMP affiliated with med school

    So I am currently in a Masters program thats affiliated with a medical school. I am about one month into the program and have received an acceptance to another medical school. My question is can i drop my current Masters program without the school I was accepted into from finding out? I never...
  5. N

    Can't Drill

  6. Happoldius

    Just Need Some Assurance Here...

    Hello, I'm 22, at 19 I dropped out of college my first year. Well, kicked out really because of poor grades. Won't go into detail, since everyone has different bumps in their roads of life. I ended up with an overall GPA of 1.3, the classes I failed were law/philosophy/math related, so you...
  7. BioForLife

    Not cut out for dental school

    Hey everyone. So I'm currently in my second semester at dental school and in a dilemma. I'm doing pretty well in my classes, and finding that I can keep up with them fine. However, lab is basically kicking my butt. I spend tons of time in the lab (some faculty even tell me that they have never...
  8. J

    IMG (SGU) transfer to US school or drop out?

    I have a pretty long back story, but the gist of my question is this: I'm currently an IMG (St. George's) debating dropping out and returning to the US and either applying to a US medical school if possible or doing a masters program and possibly attempting medical school later. So I'm...
  9. D


  10. M

    chances of high school drop out getting into med school?

    when i was 15 i had to drop out of school for personal reasons. 3 years later i got my ged and enrolled in a community college until i can get my associates and transfer to a 4 year university. If i end up transferring to a very good university will being a high school lower the chances of...