1. Green Turtle

    To withdraw or not to withdraw

    I've been reading through endless threads on this topic, but would love some advice on my particular situation. Thanks in advance. Situation: I am currently in Calculus 2 and slowly falling behind. We have daily quizzes that I underperform on, and have taken one exam of four that I received a...
  2. G

    Drop physics?

    So it appears that I bit off more than I could chew and decided to take 6 classes this semester. 1. French II (1-year graduation requirement) 2. Organic Chemistry I 3. College Physics I 4. Cell Biology 5. Honors Seminar (Required Honors Program intro course) 6. Biology elective Being a...
  3. Kchill

    Dropping Minor????

    I am a Biology major with a chemistry/psychology double minor and my AMCAS has already been verified. I want to drop the psychology minor. Can I do this since my app has already been verified?
  4. noruen

    One Bad Semester...Topic for Interviews?

    My grades this semester will be pretty lackluster compared to what they've normally been. I'll get a W for dropping a philosophy class for my minor (that I'll no longer complete) due to an obtuse professor and material that didn't meet my expectations - I usually love the subject and previously...
  5. D

    What Should I Do?!

    -delete- Thank you to those who responded.
  6. F

    Withdrawal from class in Undergrad

    So I am planning to go into a pre-med program possible after I get my associates in Biology or if I end up transferring for the following spring or fall but ended up withdrawing/dropping a class due to work overload. I was taking 5 classes and 3 of them with separate labs. I am working part-time...
  7. J

    Kaplan Full Length Score Dropped

    Hey Guys, So I was hoping to get some other opinions on this because I'm feeling overwhelmed at this point. I took my kaplan tests all out of whack for who knows why, but anyway here they are in this order: Diag 496 FL-2 502 FL-3 505 FL-5 506 FL-1 496 Pretty crazy how I can drop 10 points...
  8. M

    Withdraw or stick it out

    I am currently in the last gen Chem of the series. I received a 91% on the first exam and had a 90% in the class. The second exam I completely bombed and got a 20%( beyond failing). We have done about 450 points of work and the overall point total is 850. Should I continue sticking it out or...
  9. S

    Dropping General Chem 1 Lab?

    So, I'm in a situation where I am doing great in the chemistry lecture but very badly in the lab... I have until Nov. 2 to drop with a grade of DR on my transcript. If I don't drop it, I'll be getting a grade of D or F in the lab and will have to re-take it next semester. This is my first...
  10. S

    Help me!

    Hello, I am a sophomore chemistry major on the pre-med track. I am currently taking organic chemistry I. For the first time in my academic life I am extremely struggling. I made a F on the first exam and a D on the second exam. It is not that I am not trying, I am spending weeks studying and...
  11. V

    USMLE Step 2 CS date Swap / switch