Withdrawal from class in Undergrad

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Withdrawal from class in Undergrad?

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Dec 10, 2015
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So I am planning to go into a pre-med program possible after I get my associates in Biology or if I end up transferring for the following spring or fall but ended up withdrawing/dropping a class due to work overload. I was taking 5 classes and 3 of them with separate labs. I am working part-time and part of a research STEM program. On top of that I commute to school and research both which take about 1-2 hours one way depending on traffic.
I couldn't focus on my classes and I was barely passing. I didn't want to barely make it, I wanted to study and learn so I ended up withdrawing/dropping one of my science classes, Microbiology. Do you think this will effect my acceptance at a undergraduate school pre-med program? I am planning on taking the class again next semester if I don't end up transferring in the spring.

So far I have a 4.0 GPA from the past 3 semesters i have been here at this community college.
Do you think this is ok as long as I do well in the classes?

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