1. D

    MPH MPH/ MBA/ MHA Questions

  2. T

    Dual Admissions Program

    I am currently in a 7 year accelerated dual admissions dental program but have the ability to apply out to other dental schools without losing my spot at my home institution. Would it be beneficial to include my dual admissions program on my AADSAS application or would it look better to leave it...
  3. S

    dual admission at nova southeastern interview

    Hey I am a canadian high school student applying for the dual admission dentistry program at nova. I was wondering a few things: 1. does everyone who gets accepted into the undergrad at nova, get an interview? and is the interview the final step or is it just taken in consideration? 2. what...
  4. A

    DPT/MBA Dual Degree

    Southwest Baptist University DPT program has a DPT/MBA dual degree. The MBA degree plan is specific for DPT students. I was wondering if any other PT schools had this program and if anyone knows if it's worth it. It will cost more money, and I can't imagine focusing on another degree while in PT...
  5. Magneto1

    Applying to a Backup Specialty when Applying to Derm, other competitive specialties

    I thought I'd start this as it seems to be a common inquiry as well as personally for me. Is there any good way to gauge if applying to a backup specialty is necessary/worth the time when applying to more competitive specialties such as Dermatology, Orthopedics, etc.? Specifically, this question...
  6. S

    MBA now MD/DO later, does this make sense

    Hi All, Firstly I just want to say I read the "what was your backup plan" and "success stories" thread and am in awe of so many in this non trads section. I'd like to write an honest post and elicit some feedback. I graduated from a well regarded ugrad with a very sub 3.0 GPA, D in 1 science...
  7. T

    DO/DMD Question

    I am interested in pursuing the DO/DMD degree and wanted to see what your guys' opinions on this were. I was interested in specializing in oral surgery and either family medicine or orthopedic surgery but am unsure how that would work after I would graduate and if it is the best option. What do...
  8. W

    MSW MSW/MPA Dual Degree Programs

    Hey all, Does anyone know anything about joint MSW/MPA programs? How selective are they? Do the two disciplines balance/complement each other well? Do people in these programs tend to be (1) current/future social workers who would like to move into managerial positions, or (2) those who...
  9. Pakku-man

    Are there physicians that practice general IM and their specialty?

    Hello everyone. Taking money out of the equation (obviously a procedure based specialty will be making quite a bit more than a general internist), do some specialist advertise and practice general internal medicine in the outpatient setting. To emphasize my point, say I specialized into...
  10. M

    DPT and MHA combo?

    Hey guys, I'm in undergrad right now, majoring in Exercise Science with minors in spanish and healthcare management. I 100% want to do Physical Therapy, but I do love being involved in upper level leadership roles, so I would also like to earn my MHA. My plan right now is to earn my DPT, work...