1. Drewfuss

    SLU vs. MSU vs. Drexel

    Hey yall, I am a California Resident trying to decide between these 3 schools. As I understand it, all 3 schools have similar rankings so I am not sure if that will play much into it. I am looking to do EM or maybe a more competitive surgical subspecialty. Not totally sure yet. I am not really...
  2. Rei02sDinnerParty

    MD & DO Questions about Flipped Classroom Model

    Hi all! I'm an incoming M1 at Drexel and wanted to ask if any current students have any strongly held feelings about the effectiveness of the new foundations and frontiers curriculum (Medical School Curriculum - College of Medicine). I checked out the following video (IL_Video.mp4 - Drexel...
  3. TheCruelOne

    What does a "deferred consideration" at Drexel mean?

    Okay, so after staring at my letter for a while and doing some searching on SDN (I haven't been able to find anyone in this current/past threads that have gotten this status), I'm a little more confused. I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me a little bit about what exactly my status is right...