early assurance

  1. A

    FlexMed - Interview process?

    Hi, I applied to FlexMed this cycle and I was just curious what the interview process is like? Specifically, with rolling interview invites, does anyone know how they decide which interview invites to send first/if the order you receive an invite (i.e. an early invite or a later invite)...
  2. happylamp

    University of Florida Medical Honors 2020

    Has anyone received an interview with the UF medical honors program, or received a rejection?
  3. D

    Advice: Should I Apply?

    I am a pre-medical student in Florida. I have received acceptance into the MedStart program at the University of Toledo which ensures acceptance into the medical school in Fall 2020 as long as I don't apply to any other schools. HOWEVER, Toledo, Ohio is very far from where I have lived all of...
  4. D

    Early Assurance offered for Fall of 2019 vs. Reapplying

  5. D

    Early Assurance for starting in 2019 vs reapplying

  6. M

    Early Assurance Question

  7. P

    Dual Enrollment Credits

    Hey I'm new to SDN and I have seen numerous posts about dual enrolling. From what I understand, many med schools prefer that you take prereqs at a 4 year university, correct? Well, I am part of a dual enrollment program where I finish my last two years of high school along with my first two...
  8. T

    FlexMed 2017

    Hi all, just wanted to start a discussion thread for this year's app cycle for Mt. Sinai's FlexMed program (http://icahn.mssm.edu/education/medical/admissions/flexmed) since I haven't seen anything from this year other than 'chance me' type posts! I was also wondering if anyone knows when the...