early graduation

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    Taking NAPLEX early – Special Circumstance?

    Hey guys, I’m graduating in 2019…along with 14,000+ PharmDs and I’m trying to graduate before them by precisely 4-5 months. Most schools finish their APPE rotations and graduate in May/June. I scheduled my APPE rotations so that I finish in January 2019. No brainer here, I’m looking to take my...
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    Should I graduate undergrad early and do a masters?

    I am currently a freshman college student, and because of the amount of credits I have, I can graduate in 2.5-3 years with a double/triple major in chemistry, biology, and biochemistry. Should I do this and spend the next year getting a masters degree in chem/bio? I do not see the point of...
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    Chances for UoP?

    I am currently a junior graduating a year early with a BA in Chemistry but not a CA resident I currently have a 3.64 cGPA and 3.58 sGPA and 3.53 BCP GPA First year GPA: 3.49 with 18 credit hours both semesters and 12 additional for the summer (48 hours) Second year GPA: 3.79 with 20 and 21...