1. U

    Demotivated and looking for genuine advice

    Hi! So I am a 27 year old who decided to pursue medicine in 2018. I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Computer Engineering. I majored in that for a multitude of reasons I wont bore you with but ultimately I never enjoyed my major and my GPA reflected that. I graduated with a 3.1 GPA and started...
  2. P

    Early Decision Program Help!!

    Hello, I might apply for early decision and take my pcat in july which is the last date to take the pcat for early decision. I wanted to know if I need to retake my pcat later on but I had already submitted my application and everything with my july pcat for early decision but did not receive an...
  3. Chlorophyll Oracle

    I am considering apply EDP for Wayne State

    Wayne State is the ideal school for me. I am a michigan resident. I am a little short on money, I can afford to apply to other schools but would rather not if i do not need to, I am certain that Wayne State is the school I would like to attend. Here are my stats MCAT 512 GPA 3.92 Shadowing...
  4. P

    MD Chances of getting in to competitive EDP program?

  5. N

    Accidentally Applied EDP... HELP!

    So I mistakenly applied to Ohio State's EDP not realizing that I potentially wouldn't be allowed to apply anywhere else until October 1st. OSU would definitely be my first choice but I would really be thrilled to go to any med school anywhere. I have average stats (511 MCAT and 3.7 GPA) for...
  6. GaStu1994

    What are my chances for EDP at MCG?

    Applying for the Early Decision Program at the Medical College of Georgia, for the 2016-2017 application cycle. – AMCAS submitted 6/7/2016. Verified 6/8/2016. – MCAT: 511 (124/130/127/130) – cGPA: 3.74 – sGPA: 3.63 – Undergrad: BS, Biology; AS, Chemistry (graduated 2016 from a state university...