ek 10th ed.

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  1. esob

    For Sale MCAT Books: Berkeley Review (TBR) / Exam Krackers / Princeton (TPR)

    The Berkeley Review Full Set, includes (copyright dates listed): $275 shipped to the 48 states. - Bio I + II (2016) - Gen Chem I + II (2016) - Ochem I + II (2016) - Physics I + II (2018) - Psych (2016) - Verbal (2013) All are in like new condition, with near zero markings. - I also have the...
  2. stonefawkes

    For Sale 509+ MCAT Prep: ExamKrackers 10th Edition Books FOR SALE!

    I am selling all my MCAT prep books from earlier this year which I used to get a 509+. I am selling everything for WAY less than I bought it for--EK books are in excellent condition and contain NO MARKED PASSAGES AND QUESTIONS (though some books have highlights in the content review sections)...
  3. B

    For Sale TBR (excellent) + EK (like-new) + Kaplan (used)

    Hello all, TBR (current edition) - unmarked, no major signs of use. see here. Science bundle - Organic I + II; General I + II; Bio I + II; Physics I + II $230 + shipping EK (10th edition) - unused, but open. see here. $135 + shipping Kaplan (2nd edition - 2015) - used and marked. see here...
  4. M

    MCAT Materials for Sale

    Selling EK 10th edition (full set) + Kaplan 7th edition (full set + quick review) Books/binding/pages are in great condition (original box included) but both have highlighting/markings $60 each or $100 for both sets + S/H obo
  5. K

    EK 10th bio or New TBR

    I'm debating which books to buy. From anyone's experience is it still advisable to use EK for content and new TBR for passages? I have seen from a few threads that EK 10th ed. bio's passages now surpass TBR's? So now would it be advisable to just get EK 10th ed. bio I & II rather than both...