For Sale MCAT Books: Berkeley Review (TBR) / Exam Krackers / Princeton (TPR)

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Sep 28, 2015
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The Berkeley Review Full Set, includes (copyright dates listed): $275 shipped to the 48 states.
- Bio I + II (2016)
- Gen Chem I + II (2016)
- Ochem I + II (2016)
- Physics I + II (2018)
- Psych (2016)
- Verbal (2013)

All are in like new condition, with near zero markings.
- I also have the 2013 physics books. $50 shipped for both books.

Exam Krackers 10th edition complete set, like new condition: $120 shipped

The Princeton Review complete set for 2015 MCAT (copyright date is 2014) $45 Shipped.

I'll accept paypal from active members (that is, you've been on SDN for a while and have more than a few rando posts), otherwise you will need to pay via crypto or WU.

15% discount for paying in cryptocurrency just because I'm doing my part to fuel the system.