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For Sale 509+ MCAT Prep: ExamKrackers 10th Edition Books FOR SALE!


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Nov 23, 2016
I am selling all my MCAT prep books from earlier this year which I used to get a 509+. I am selling everything for WAY less than I bought it for--EK books are in excellent condition and contain NO MARKED PASSAGES AND QUESTIONS (though some books have highlights in the content review sections).

I am selling these at a discount for $25/book + $3 shipping--reply here or message me if you are interested and we can work it out. If you buy all 5 books at once, you will only be paying $24 ($120 + FREE shipping).

ExamKrackers Updated for NEW 2017 MCAT:

  • Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research, & Math (10th Ed.)
  • 101 CARS Passages (Newest Edition)
  • Chemistry (10th Ed.)
  • Physics (10th Ed.)
  • Psychology and Sociology (10th Ed.)
Please let me know what you want to buy, there's honestly no reason to buy these items for full price as I am selling the same books at a much lower cost since I don't need them anymore!! We can work out whatever payment system you are comfortable with (Venmo, eBay, PayPal, meeting up in person, etc.)

If you live within 50 miles of San Jose, CA--we can meet somewhere and you won't have to pay shipping.

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