1. S

    Campbell Acceptance

    Hey everyone! I was recently accepted for Campbell's DPT program! I interviewed on 9/30 and found out 3 days later, which was incredible. I'm just worried because the program starts in 3 months, and I still haven't heard back from anyone else yet. I applied to Elon, Duke, Shenandoah, Radford...
  2. C

    Elon DPT Early Decision

    Hi all, I am a student applying for physical therapy school this cycle. I just submitted my ED application to Elon! I was wondering if anyone knew stats on Elon, as far as how many apply/get accepted through early decision?
  3. S

    Ecu vs Elon

    Does anyone know of any blatant pros or cons of either program? besides cost, are there anything to watch out for or things anyone really liked about either/both? I've been accepted to both and need to make a decision in two weeks, thanks!
  4. LetsGetPhysical

    North Carolina DPT interviews (UNC, Duke, Elon, ECU, WSSU)

    Hello All, I want to start a thread directed specifically towards communicating about interview offers and dates for the programs to which I have applied. UNC, Elon, Duke, ECU, and Winston-Salem State. Has anyone received interview invitations to any of these programs? Thank you!
  5. A

    Belmont DPT, UNC, VCU, ODU, Shenandoah, Elon, Arcadia Pros/Cons

    Hey everyone! I just applied to these schools and was wondering if any current students or alumni could give any insight on these programs? If you could go back and make a different decision, would you? Or would you recommend the program? Thanks!