em aways

  1. Amaterasu B

    Seeking advice in setting up 4th year rotations in EM in NY, NJ or CA.

    Hello, I'm a MS-3, enthusiastic in pursuing a path in EM. I know VSAS doesn't open until next year but I would like to get in touch with EM residency programs that are still accepting students despite COVID to learn more about their programs and possibly schedule an away rotation for 2021...
  2. Mat the coolcat

    OHSU EM VSAS response...?

    Have ppl been accepted for the visiting rotations at Oregon yet? Specifically in EM? I sent in my app the first or second day it opened, and I still haven't heard whether I am confirmed or denied for the rotation. I don't have very high hopes, but it starts in basically a month now and I'm...
  3. G

    Help with SLOE and EM away elective

    hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for all the help on here, I've been reading everything and it's real helpful but I haven't encountered a problem I'm currently dealing with (and forgive me if I missed over it). So I'm a 3rd year wanting to do EM. My step1 wasn't great at all (210). I'm...
  4. N

    EM sub-I at Maimonides or NYP??

    I was offered overlapping aways at NYP and Maimo… requested moving the dates and it's not an option. So which one do I pick? Honestly, it's all about the SLOE in my opinion. I've heard that Maimo has great teaching/attending exposure which I assume would translate into a better written SLOE...