emt or research

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  1. DOhopeful22


    Hey everyone! I was wondering if you could look at my stats and let me know what you think of my chances for DO school. I'm taking my MCAT for the first time on June 17th 2017 and applying this cycle. I haven't been doing that well on my practice MCATs ... scoring around 498 on Kaplan but I...
  2. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    What to do during application year?

    Hey everybody, I’m kind of struggling with what to do next year (2017-2018 school year). This upcoming fall, spring and summer I will finish all of my prerequisites, take the MCAT and submit my applications. I already have 100+ hours ER volunteering, 20+ hours shadowing, and 50+ hours...
  3. P

    EMT or research position?

    Hi everyone. A little background info before we begin-I'm a Biomedical sciences major freshman with a 4.0 and involved in a club that volunteers with EMTs. I love it. But I also know that research is an important part of a medical school application. I researched last summer at a moderately well...