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  1. U

    Endo fellowship chances

    Hello , I'm interested in endocrine fellowship but I have very low scores and couple of failures in Steps. But I have few posters and publications as a 2nd author. Can somebody tell me what are my chances in matching endo fellowship?.
  2. B

    Endocrinology vs Rheumatology

    Hey all, I’m nearing the end of my PGY 1 year in IM and I’ve decided that I’d like to pursue a lifestyle specialty. So far I’ve narrowed it to Endocrine vs Rheum. Based on my research, both fields are comparable in terms of lifestyle and pay, I was wondering if any attendings or fellows in...
  3. I

    Endocrine fellowship after 3 years Primary care.

    Hi All, Planning to apply for endocrine this year after 3 years of primary care experience. Always wanted to do it , but didn’t due to personal reasons. I have great step scores, a couple case reports from residency and one book chapter( none endocrine though) I have a few questions 1 . I make...
  4. StrongBeliever

    BOTH Why does Glucagon INCREASE insulin when it's an anti-insulin hormone?

    How come Glucagon and growth hormone INCREASE insulin when they're both anti-insulin??
  5. L

    Iatrogenic Cushing's Disease Question

    Hi all, Just wondering if someone could please explain the process of iatrogenic hyperadrenocorticism to me? My understanding is that therapeutic glucocorticoids cause atrophy of the adrenals due to the negative feedback loop, downregulation of ACTH etc etc. So why would atrophy result in hyper...
  6. Polycherry

    How does hyperthyroidism cause diarrhea?

    According to Robbin's Pathology, hyperthyroidism leads to an overactivity of the sympathetic system. It also goes on to mention that this sympathetic hyperstimulation in the gut leads to increased motility leading to diarrhea and malabsorption. How would sympathetic stimulation cause...
  7. Pakku-man

    Endocrinology: Reference Material for Thyroid dz and Diabetes

    Hello Everybody! If you are an endocrinologist or an endocrinology fellow, would you please recommend me any books or review articles for thyroid disease and diabetes? I am an M4 who is interested in broadening my scope of knowledge in endocrinology. I just recently learned about "ketosis-prone...