1. PhysicianAttorney

    Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship - Job Offers

    All, I was hoping you could help. I am working with multiple individuals on compensation for newly graduated advanced endoscopy fellows. Given it is a sub-specialty of GI, there is not much information on compensation and offers. Is anyone aware of standard ranges for new graduates in the...
  2. D

    Advanced endoscopy fellowship?

    Hello, I'm an fmg currently completing my fellowship in gi at my hone country (Pakistan)...i have heard that one can get a position in advanced endoscopy fellowship even if one is an fmg as most of the people tend to start working on general gastroenterology after completing their...
  3. R

    How bad is the lifestyle of an advanced endoscopist?

    I've heard many things about how advanced endoscopists have worse lifestyles than general gastroenterologists. How bad is it? Like interventional cardiology bad? How often do you get called in for emergencies? hours per week? Feel free to distinguish between academic vs. private. If someone with...