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  1. SterlingMaloryArcher

    EMS isn't the best premed environment

    When I first signed up for my EMT-B class I thought it would be the best thing I ever did for my medical school application. Additionally, after so much medical reading out of pure interest, I was so excited to finally get a taste of real patient care. When I envisioned my future as an EMT, I...
  2. L

    Northwestern Feinberg Environment

    I am applying to medical school for 2018. I am looking at schools with integrative medicine programs. I am particularly interested in Northwestern University, Chicago and University of Arizona, Tucson. I would much prefer a collaborative environment over a cutthroat one, but Northwestern appeals...
  3. C

    Environmental Health MPH

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to see who out there is in/currently apply to/thinking about a MPH in Environmental Health. If you are a current student: how do you like your program If you are applying: where are you applying/which school are you leaning towards?
  4. T

    Large animal experience

    I am having a really hard time getting any large animal experience. What resources do I have to find these sorts of experiences. I live in Bronx, NY
  5. T

    Western University of Health Scicences?

    Hello, I have been hearing for students of the podiatry program that the president of this school is making it the "Harvard" of podiatry and that it is miserable. The school is so competitive that they don't feel like they are learning anything because it is such a hostile learning environment...