1. D

    Optometry Equipment for Sale

    Looking to save $$$ on your optometry equipment? I'm selling my trial lens kit, along with many other accessories, for just $250 total. The trial lens kit is in a rolling suitcase and comes with occluders, pinhole, stereopsis test, color vision test, prism bars, retinoscopy bars, lea symbols...
  2. S

    Sorting old laryngoscope blades and handles...

    I have a bin of old laryngoscope handles and another bin of blades for my medical mission group. I need a sort algorithm. Has anyone done this before? I'm considering using a caliper to measure some dimensions to classify which blades and handles would be compatible. I believe that I'd find...
  3. C

    Selling a bunch of Optometry equipment!

    These are all brand new and barely used. PM for more details and pictures. Random Dot 3s - Stereo Acuity Test with glasses - $190 Accommodative Flipper +/- 0.25 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 0.50 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 1.00 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 2.00 - $15 Pinhole...
  4. O

    First year optometry kit

    I'm starting to look into first year optometry kits and diagnostic kits as well. Can anyone tell me what equipment is included in these kits?
  5. 9

    For Sale Optometry Equipment

    I retired from military optometry and all clinic equipment was provided for me for 20 years. From my graduation in 1996, my personal equipment has been stored and still in great condition. The diagnostic and trial lenses look the same as the new ones. I can send you pics and prices. Please send...
  6. N

    New equipment for sale

  7. T

    Other OT-Related Information Med School BF looking for Christmas Gift for OT GF

    Hello, My girlfriend has completed fieldwork and will start her career soon as an occupational therapist. For us, when going on rotations or starting residency, there are certain things (equipment, pocket guides, etc) that other recommend getting when you start. Are there some things that an...
  8. S

    Optometry Equipment & text books for sale. Barely used! Salt Lake City area.

    I have text books and optometry equipment that I used only while a student so it's all in "like new" condition. It's all equipment that will be required as a student. I'd prefer not to have to package it and mail it piece by piece so would prefer it to go to someone in the Salt Lake City area...
  9. moose786

    Bootcamp and Destroyer Conflict

    Test 2 - General Chemistry on Bootcamp asks: "Which of the following pieces of laboratory equipment would be best for a chemist to use to measure 8.7 mL of a solution?" - Answer is pipet according to Bootcamp. Destroyer 2016 #234 asks: A student wanted to measure exactly 12.3 ml of a 0.20M NaOH...
  10. W

    Selling Optometry Equipment (PICK-UP IN BOSTON, MA)

    Selling HEINE Optometry Equipment. PICK UP IN BOSTON, MA ONLY** BRAND NEW - Rarely Used Complete Diagnostic Kit: - 2 Handles - BETA200 LED Ophthalmoscope - BETA200 Streak Retinoscope - BETA 4 NT rechargeable handle with NT 4 table charger - Hardcase - Transilluminator Basically a complete...