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    Working as a physician in Europe

    Hello everyone, If someone has their MD degree from outside Europe, but completes residency in Europe, does it entitle them to work in any European country or only the country where they did their residency? Thank you :)
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    British/European medical degree

    So, I'm a junior in a US undergrad and will be applying to US medical schools next year but I would also like to apply to British and/or other European medical schools. Do you guys know how would I proceed for now on as an American citizen? The information I found online were not...
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    Residency in Europe

    Hello people, Introduction: I am a 4th year medical student in Europe. I was thinking about doing my residency in USA or a western european country. Lately, everyone is telling that the working hours in USA are more compared to Europe(80 vs 48 to be exact, even though not all countries apply...
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    Transfer from German to US medical

    Hi guys, My name is Marie and I just finished my first year of med school in Germany. I was born and raised in the US but spent the past few years living in Germany, so I decided to attend medical school here. However I've recently decided that I want to return to the US in the near future...
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    European Medical School Application Question

    Hello, I'm having some trouble understanding the application process of a school I'm applying to (the Medical University of Warsaw) and I was hoping someone could help me out. The application asks for me to fill out a detailed transcript of my pre-med courses (on top of submitting an official...