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    Boston U, MGH, Northeastern, Simmons U: Online Exercise Physio Courses That They Accept?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, so hopefully, I'm asking in the right place. I'm getting ready to apply this upcoming cycle and have decided to consider some schools in the Northeast, which I've noticed generally require exercise physiology. I'm currently enrolled in UCLA's...
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    Exercise Physiology

    Hey everyone, I may recently get a job as an exercise physiologist to work in cardiac rehab out in orange county. It's a per diem position, and I have been researching the pay for per diem, but can't find anything that clearly states its for per diem. wondering if anyone knows what the average...
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    Pre-Physical Therapy: How to get in w/ a Low GPA - Ask away!

    Helping Pre-physical therapy students get inot PT school with a low GPA. ASK AWAY!!
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    What are my chances of getting into grad school?

    This spring I will be graduating with two bachelors degrees one in exercise science the other in health care administration. I currently have a 3.08 gpa and expect it to be at about a 3.1 by the end of the semester. I was considering graduate programs in either DPT, OT or masters in public...
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    Need advice!! PT or ex phys

    Hello everyone, Always thought I wanted to do PT, however looking at tuition costs, it doesn't seem sensible. 100k+ is like buying a house, and with cut reimbursements as well as other factors, idk if it is worth it. I am a junior exercise science undergrad, and could pursue clinical ex phys...