1. D

    Exercise compliance for students, PTs, and patients

    Hey all! Just reaching out to different groups to try and get the ball rolling on improving exercise compliance with patients, giving new exercise ideas for PTs, and giving exercise programs for about anyone. We’re hoping in the next few weeks to add neuro series to give more exercise ideas for...
  2. C

    NBA/NFL + Med School

    Hello, everyone! (Lol in that all too familiar voice!) My friend is feeling super down about herself so trying to prove a point. Do y’all know of anyone else who was an NFL/NBA cheerleader while they were simultaneously in med school? I guess NHL or any other pro league would suffice, as well...
  3. J

    Different styles of family practices ?

    I am very interested in a family practice that is more involved with patients diet, exercise, and preventative type medicine. Does anyone have any good advice as to where I can view different styles of family medicine geared towards this? or know of any specific places like this in the country...
  4. Dr. King Shultz

    When in your opinion is the best time to exercise?

    Just curious for all you dental students who have been through a year already, when did you find yourself going to the gym, running, etc.? Mornings or after class? Just wondering because I'm trying to figure out whether I should try and wake up before class to exercise and get a little less...
  5. RogueBanana

    Student Fitness Thread to end all fitness threads

    Hey guys, A lot of people are posting that they want to get healthier / lose weight / lift weights / start making good habits prior to entering or while in med school. So, being the healthy fruit that I am (no pun intended) I decided to make a thread for it! Anyone else that has experience or...
  6. locbeautytee

    Exercising and Northwestern Pre-med Program

    Running is a way I deal with stress. It helps me deal with life and it just feels so good. Do you think I can continue running as a medical student putting in AT LEAST 35 miles a week. I'm just wondering if studying/school load would allow me to do that as I feel running will definitely help me...