1. Piglet2020

    Introvert vs Extrovert Interviewing/Med students

    During interviews, I know that we should be engaging with medical school admins and students, but I was wondering how much you can really "fake it till you make it"? I'm an introvert (prefer listening to people rather than dominating the conversation). I don't have trouble conversing or meeting...
  2. H

    I'm Extroverted But I'm Having Trouble Making Close Friends Need Advice

    Hello, The title says it all. Also I'm not here to whine. I want advice on how to make close friends. Anything would be nice. Just to give some background: I am very extroverted and have been for my whole life. Even here on campus I know most people and talk to most of them quite a bit at...
  3. I

    A cliche header, but is dentistry the right career for me specifically?

    A short intro. I'm 22 my gpa is a bit over 3.6 (overall and science) and I have no red flags in terms of grades and whatnot. My DAT scores are fairly good (22 TS, 22AA). But the real issue here is my personality. I've been looked down on pretty much my entire life as the strange little...