failed mpje

  1. L

    AK Mpje...round 2

    Hi everyone. I just took my mpje for the second time today and felt like I completely failed it. I passed my NAPLEX on my first try the first week of October. I scheduled my first mpje a week after I took the NAPLEX. I was working the whole time and only had one full day of studying. I failed...
  2. M

    Failed NH MPJE now what?

    I just took the NH MPJE and failed by 1 point, I got a 74. I used pharmacy exam NH, RXprep Federal Law, Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law book and Pronto Pass for NH. I felt pretty good going in and after the test but then i failed by one point and I'm not sure what or how to study now. Any advice...
  3. N

    Passed FL MPJE on my second attempt

    Hello, I found out today that I passed the FL MPJE! This was my second attempt so I just wanted to share my experience. On my first try, I read over the UF powerpoints once, read the Nova pdf twice, and read some statutes. I failed but was pretty close to passing which was a bummer. For my...
  4. doe_eyed

    failed again Really need advice-should I change my jurisdiction??

    Hi, I would really appreciate a lot of comments to this...because a week ago I was wishing for my own death.
  5. P


    Hello, What is the BEST AVAILABLE practice exam questions deal that is available out there? (i.e. Most applicable/helpful for people who have already passed the NJ MPJE) I failed my first attempt at the NJ MPJE by one point! The questions were super vague. Maybe doing one of those practice...