failed step 1

  1. 9

    Failed Step 1 and Successfully Matched Anesthesia.

    Hey guys I've been a longtime lurker but created a new account to share this story with you. I have read so many posts here on SDN that really helped me through the dark times in Med School. I'm hoping to pay it forward. About me: Top 30 USMD school. Never a stellar student, bottom half of my...
  2. gimv

    Step 1 on Tuesday, feeling like I failed

    I took the exam last Tuesday (5/16), and I walked out of it in a semi-decent shape, feeling somewhat confidence I had at least passed. As days go by, I keep remembering questions and I can't stop myself from looking them up. So far I have about 12 incorrect answers (only from the few I remember)...
  3. H

    Failed Step 1 Now Need To Decide My Future: HELP!

    .... content updated thread
  4. P

    ERAS medical education/training extended or interrupted for failed Step 1

    Multiple red flags all over the place. How can I address this issue without focusing on the situation leading up to failing step 1? I had family and marital issues, but "issues" will always be there and I want to highlight my growth in dealing with issues and provide confidence this issue will...
  5. L

    BOTH Need advice please!

    Hi, my name is Laura ,MD graduted July 2014 from an important Medical School in Medellín, Colombia. During my time in Med School I did international hands on Rotations in Dallas, Texas during 9 months within the Internal Medicine department. During this time I was part of the Internal Medicine...