Oct 7, 2015
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  1. MD/PhD Student
Hi, my name is Laura ,MD graduted July 2014 from an important Medical School in Medellín, Colombia.
my time in Med School I did international hands on Rotations in Dallas, Texas during 9 months within the Internal Medicine department. During this time
I was part of the Internal Medicine Residency Academic program, every
day I attempted morning reports, grand rounds and all the different
conferences they had. I made great contacts and became very close to the
Medical Staff there, have LORs of the people I worked with.
In my rush to get into an Internal Medicine Residency I decided to take both STEP 1 and STEP 2 CK on a 5 months period time and...of course I failed. ( yeah I know! stupid!) No meaning to have excuses, decided to stop crying and began studying again, just recently got my Step 1 socre Pass but below 200. I'm waiting for my CK score. Pass CS on first attempt.
I'm planning to dedicated my next 8 months doing Clinical or Academic research on important Centers in US.
My question is:
1. Should I stop thinking I would have a chance to get a Internal Medicine Residency?
2. Should I do Clinical vs Academic research to make my CV better?
In extreme need of guidance and help!!
Thank you guys.
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