1. M

    2018-2019 Official Medical School Application Costs

    Hi! I’m planning on applying to med school this cycle and wanted to gauge how much people ended up spending in total. I’ve seen there are some threads for previous years as well as a cost estimator made by SDN (Medical School Application Cost Calculator by SDN), but I was hoping to get some...
  2. M

    Another AMCAS Disadvantaged Question--Present or Past?

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked in various forms but I've searched all over this site with no clear answer to my particular question: Should I claim "disadvantaged status" if I presently consider myself disadvantaged, but may not have in the past? I qualified for FAP and definitely...
  3. S

    Canadian citizen, US Med Grad, on OPT, in US residency - H1b Question

    Like title states, I am an Canadian who went to a US medical school and got into a US residency. Currently in my Intern year on my OPT (from F-1 visa). I just finished my Step 3, and is looking into applying for H1b (my residency does do H1). Issue is, my state only give out 1 year temporary...
  4. Cashmeous

    Should I pay the open-access fee?

    The journal I am planning to submit my manuscript to has an "open-access fee." In the best-case scenario, it will be accepted, and I will have to choose between having it either open-access or not. My institution provides $1,500 of financial assistance (this is their maximum per article), but...
  5. D

    Fee Waiver Decisions

    Hey everyone I was just wondering if anybody who has applied for the fee waiver heard back from PTCAS. I applied for the fee waiver on the first day it was open (6/29/17) and haven't heard back. Unfortunately because I've applied I can't submit to schools whose supplemental I've completed already.
  6. Adrenaline_Junkie

    Fee Assistance Program 2017 Qs

    Hello All, I entered all the info for my previous years tax returns/w2's (2015) since I didn't have access to the 2016 info, and now need to submit all the documentation to support my information. A few quick Q's: 1. The application for 2017 opened on Jan 4th, but obviously my mother and I...
  7. A

    DAT Cancellation VS No-Show

    Hi, I would like know about cancellation and no-show for DAT through Prometric. Let's say I want to cancel the DAT exam which is within 2 days. There's a $100 fee for cancelling. Would there be a fee for no-show? What would be the difference of cancelling and no-show then? Will I able to...