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    USMLE step 1

    Good day, I know that most Filipino medical students who take the USMLE start taking the steps after completing the medical program in the Philippines. My question though, is for those who started the step before graduating. I see a lot of posts about having to take a semester off or taking...
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    Duke-NUS International students

    An international student here Planning to apply for Duke-NUS singapore. Can you guys share your experience as an international student in Duke-NUS, your expectations before bing admitted and the reality when you are already there :) also please give tips on how to make adjustments for int'l...
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    All Branch Topic (ABT) A foreginer medical student planning to enter the US Military

    Hello everyone! I'm an incoming 3rd yr medical student of a medical school here in the Philippines, and I have degree in medical laboratory science (formerly medical technology) and I am registered MLS here in the PH. As what the title says, I'm planning to enter the military service. I know...