final exam

  1. R


    So I was recently hired for a scribe position at an ED. I have completed all the required courses and now is the time for the final exam and the floor training... However, I have to first pass the final to get to floor training. I was wondering, for those of you who have been working as a...
  2. blairww

    Did Anyone Else Bomb the ACS Gen Chem I Final?

    So I know that the averages are pretty low for the ACS finals (averages of about 50%), but I thought I could at least get a C+/B without any sort of curve. I just took the ACS Gen Chem I final today and definitely failed because I couldn't finish it on time. I did manage to bubble in D's for...
  3. confidentandgood

    (Temporary) Incomplete and Admissions

    Edit: problem solved!
  4. J

    ACS Organic Chemistry Final Score Question

    I need to get a 53% on the final to keep the grade I have. My professor said that 41/70 is a 78%, since that is the national average. Can anyone tell me what number (out of 70) would constitute a 53%? I really don't know much about this exam, and the percentiles / grading system, since my...
  5. D

    Finals week is over, what are your grades looking like?

    *UPDATE* Ethics: C English II: B College Algebra: C Communications: B Not a good semester, but I can recover next semester and of course I don't have any D's so that's something to be thankful about. It is so hard to receive an A in college, good luck people. My grades are horrid...I know.