1. B

    Advice on whether to continue pre med track

    I failed Ochem last quarter (just barely) and retook it this quarter. Everything was going super well until the coronavirus pandemic happened (for more context finals were put online and to deter cheating they made the final longer and harder). I'm pretty sure I failed the final and thus the...
  2. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Will professors let you work (really) ahead to finish a course in half the time (Online Course)?

    Also retaking this class. I don't see why it would be a problem to make certain assignments available in the Pearson online workbook but I have a suspicion there are probably institutional rules regarding when the midterm and final are administered.
  3. Ribbo

    Need advice for final year

    Hey docs , can anyone give me advice on how you study effectively for final year majors ? I always make notes on my own and I tried making notes for these and it takes alot of time and there's so much to study, I felt like i was lagging behind.. I thought maybe I should stick to just studying...
  4. MrGoOrange

    How long does PVS impression last?

    Dental student here. I took a final PVS impression for a crown a couple weeks ago (!!!) and I was ready to send it out to the lab, but it turns out the patient's medicaid was put on hold earlier that week. It took a couple weeks before it to become active again, and then an extra week to...