1. TheOnlinePharmacist

    What are some of the biggest mistakes I can make in my first year (P1) of pharmacy school?

    Title says it all. I've been really stressed out ever since I started early last week, and I found a few google links to answer this question, but they were all generic mistakes that I already know not to do. I think some people on here can give me actual valuable answers from real experience...
  2. Y

    Step 1 preparation

    Hi! I will be taking steo 1 next summer (july maybe) and since I already began my second year of medical school I was wondering at what moment should I start studying for it. Also, what plan would you recomend? And finally, how old is "too old" for a first aid? I have the 2016 version, should...
  3. sullen-burger

    Withdrawing all acceptances

    I've realized that even though I've succeeded at my goal to get into med school, I don't feel any different. I walk into the grocery store and nobody stops to congratulate me, the employees don't offer me discounts, and strangers don't ask what tier school I got into. Where's the respect? The...
  4. moose786

    URGENT: When should I take the DAT?

    Hello all, I am going to explain my situation and thought process as clearly as possible, so please bear with me: I am currently a rising Senior, looking to apply in the "first batch" - which from my research is roughly until mid-July. I am currently studying for my DAT, which I have scheduled...
  5. verdantine

    help with first semester of college

    I really didn't think my HS grades were that bad, but I'm apparently barred from taking gen chem 1 and even precalculus. so heres how my state school went and did my program for the fall semester of '16: Anthropology (forced) Remedial Chemistry w/o lab. But strangely, I still get college...
  6. G


    Hello everyone, So i have my step 1 one month from today, and I am thinking about delaying it but not too sure. By the end of this week, I will have gone through UWORLD and will do my first NBME this weekend. I am kind of scared honestly haha. Anyway, my original plan was going to be to do FA...
  7. YellowTurtle

    Starting to see patients not going well

    I'm an MS2. I recently started seeing real patients in the hospital on my own for the first time. The goal is for me to get comfortable with doing h/p's independently as I get ready for 3rd year. The first couple were kinda bumpy but the people were fairly friendly. However, I was supposed to...