1. doctorsdoctor

    Career Change MD to (???)

    Status: I am a doctor from the Philippines who holds a medical license degree in Philippines. I have tried various residencies in the Philippines but then I got married to a french guy. Now I am here in this foreign country whose Medical System is designed to kill doctors or either die trying. I...
  2. C

    PACES in France

    Hi everyone. I want some information about the exam at the end of first year of medical programs in France (PACES). What about Non EU students who study medicine in France? How can they pass exam successfully? Thanks
  3. doctorsdoctor

    Love & Residency Problems

    Hi. Im 27 y.o filipino doctor, single, and yes as the title goes: in love with a french chef. I have been for one year shopping and trying out residencies in philippines (radiology, obgyne, surgery, dermatology). My big problem is: if my bf cant go to the Philippines and live with me and start...
  4. Budding Doctor07

    Post Graduation in Western Europe

    Hello Guys!!!!! I would like to do my post grad in Western European countries like the following Germany, Austria, Belgium, Swiss As far I have researched Germany seems to be a better option cuz the PG courses are offered in English, as a non German i think it will be very difficult to do PG in...
  5. thaalouu

    NON EU looking to study medicine in Europe (France)

    Hey everyone! I'm currently studying health sciences at a four year uni in the US. I am of Haitian descent and have a good base of French (able to hold a conversation, have a well understanding). I am very interested in studying medicine in Europe, specifically France. My questions are: How...
  6. R

    From Surgery in France, planning on pathology in US.

    Graduated at 2012, from gulf country med school, accredited by ECFMG, Finished USMLE step 1, 230, Step 2 CS, in 2013 only Step 2 CK remain which will be done in the end of this year. I have experience of général surgery in france for about one year and half. residency was hard, the prospect of...
  7. Melezour

    PhD Is Public Health still attractive in the U.S. ?

    Hey there! I'm a French med student (5th year), and I'm planning to get a PhD in Public Health in France (within 5 years or so), and I'll probably try to specialize into health politics and management. Public Health has a bad reputation among med students in France, and many people choose this...