Love & Residency Problems

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Nov 11, 2016
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Hi. Im 27 y.o filipino doctor, single, and yes as the title goes: in love with a french chef. I have been for one year shopping and trying out residencies in philippines (radiology, obgyne, surgery, dermatology).

My big problem is: if my bf cant go to the Philippines and live with me and start a family. I would have to go there.

Which is the case because he really wants me to learn french. But french in the hospital setting is also different.

What are my options in the future? Should i still take and finish residency (if so what?). All i can think of is doing an online-doctor or remote radiology. My dream is to be an obgyne. Is it possible that if i finished obgyne in PH i can practice it in france (given whenim fluent in french and passed the necessary exams?). Im so lost. It might be silly that im basing my whole lifr decisions on one guy. And the fact that we are not married yet is crazy. But i do think he is the one. So i have to plan ahead. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Has he proposed?

I've never thought boyfriends/girlfriends were worth changing life plans for
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Will you be able to practice in France? Probably will be next to impossible
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Have you looked up the requirements in France? That'd be a start.
(or tried the European forum maybe? I don't even know if there's French residents around in there)

But eek

Also depends on how long this relationship has been going on.
(you've just said you're 'single' so I guess just dating?)
I knew someone who followed a love interest to Spain or something for a year, but they took a year off after grad, entirely to see if the relationship was viable (and they were okay with taking a year off - this was before starting residency).

But french in the hospital setting is also different.
Exactly. Not only are you learning french, but relearning medicine in French.
And then French culture. And the French healthcare system.
That's if you'd be able to do residency or practice as a doctor there at all.
I imagine lotsa hoops.
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It's a helluva lot easier to practice fine cookery in the Philippines than it is to practice medicine in France...
If he's asking you to move, then he's putting his own self interest above yours and above the well-being of the both of you as a team.
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Oh my.

The last time I checked (Francophile here), only those with French or EU qualifications are allowed to practice in France (France is notoriously protectionist) with the exception of hospitals like the American Hospital in Paris. You must also be fluent in French.

So chances are unlikely given your training (or what sounds like lack of it, since you are not a consultant yet).

Furthermore as others have said above, to make such a move for someone you are not married to is unwise. You are better off taking a year off from your training, moving to France (since he seems unwilling to move to you) and see if the relationship works out. If it does, you have to decide if you really wish to practice medicine because you are unlikely to be able to do in France.
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Are we talking about a literal French chef here?

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Are we talking about a literal French chef here?

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Lol I wondered that too.
is the chef from France.
or are they a chef in the 'french' culinary tradition/style, but not "from le France French"
Hmm. I could do with some steak frites right now. with cafe de paris sauce.

Or just steak.
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EXTREMELY hard to practice medicine in FRANCE if you are not either from France or European Union. IF your diploma is from a country outside the EU, you will have to take a ranking exam that medical student take at end of 1st year. The exam is in French and in French ONLY. Then, if you pass and you are ranked high enough, you can jump to a residency training under supervision for 3 years.
You will need a lot of documentation from the health secretary of your country stating that your diploma is legit.

note: Each medical school in France has a limited number of students who can be promoted to 2nd year, usually about 100. So a first year class may have 600 students and at the end, only the first 100 students (based on raking exam) get promoted to 2nd year...The other 500 can repeat once or find another career.

Bottom line, if you don't speak French and still want to go, it won't be for a career in medicine.

Best of luck.
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Thank you so much for the words of wisdom. And thanks for the very accurate information about the impossibility of my practice in france .

This is what I needed to hear/read. :)

Ok, can somebody lock this thread?! Haha thanks guys!
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