1. M

    Entering Sophmore year Undergrad, what should I focus on?

  2. B

    EC Advice for freshmen

    So I'm going to a freshmen in Boston this fall and am struggling to figure out how I should plan out my EC's. I know that I want to shadow many different types of doctors and get involved in research once I finish my basic intro courses. I was also considering becoming a medical scribe in my...
  3. Jari97

    Just Beginning Biological Sciences 08/2018

    Hello everyone! Amazing to see a place full of people like me. I have some questions that others who have possibly gone through this could help me with. UC v. CSU I have just started at a CC in California. There is an ADT- Associate Degree for Transfer/ AS-T- Associate's in Science for...
  4. U

    Chose the wrong major??

    So i've been admitted into UNT with a major in allied health for arts and science program, but my profession is pharmacy. I feel like I should've taken something like biochemistry to have the prerequisites to get into pharmacy school. Would I still be able to get in for pharmacy school?
  5. D

    Please review my first freshmen semester!

    I'm a pre-med currently finishing my first semester. I'm definitely not a smart student and had to work really hard for these stats. Please let me know how I'm doing. Also, if you could suggest some good EC activities as well that would be appreciated. -Classes - English - A Micro-economics...
  6. W

    Freshmen GPA

    Hello people, I completed my freshmen year and it was not a success. Due to multiple incidents and stupid mistakes, my cumulative GPA came to be a 3.432 with 28 credits. I received a B+ for Gen Chem 1 and C's for Physics 1 and Gen Chem 2. I understand and accept what I have done. But back to...
  7. Mr.Bankole

    Freshmen Undergrad Student: I WANT TO START PREPPING FOR MCAT! pls help me SND

    Hello SND family, I just finished my first semester at UMD, College Park with a 3.35 GPA. I've applied for the SMDEP sites for this upcoming summer, and I'm CNA/GNA certified. I'm a 19 year old African American male with dreams of becoming a Physician one day. I want to get a head start on...
  8. P


    I dropped college because i was so confused about which math class to take. I was put in elementary algebra which doesnt count for credit. So i took placement test and i didnt pass the placement test but they combined my placement score and act score to let me go into intermediate algebra. I...