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  1. perdvert

    Somebody you know try to figure out your SDN username?

    I'm so annoyed that this happened to me because I like my old account and literally had to make a new one today because enough was enough... So one of my friends that knew I used SDN is actively trying to figure out which username is mine (i.e. reading through people's post histories if I...
  2. H

    I'm Extroverted But I'm Having Trouble Making Close Friends Need Advice

    Hello, The title says it all. Also I'm not here to whine. I want advice on how to make close friends. Anything would be nice. Just to give some background: I am very extroverted and have been for my whole life. Even here on campus I know most people and talk to most of them quite a bit at...
  3. C

    Volunteering in Africa?

    Hi guys! My name is Christina and I'm an 18-year-old girl who would like to volunteer for a hospital placement in Africa for about 2 weeks. I am looking for a friend to volunteer with me, because my parents are not letting me go alone, and I need their financial support for the trip. The country...
  4. E

    June USC WREB

    Hello, I am a Canadian writing WREB at USC on June 17th - 20th. Is anyone else writing WREB at USC? I am looking for anyone writing this exam at USC (or any other places) who can help each other answering some questions. Please PM me if you are interested !