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    Do you ever just feel not good enough?

    Hi, Have you ever felt proud because you thought you were very good at something (school in my case) only to meet people who are 10x better than you at that something and then become discouraged? Because I have and believe me, it sucks. I'm very competitive, especially when it comes to school...
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    Study Frustration

    Hey guys, I am in my first week of studying for the DAT (taking them 2nd of August). I follow Ari's study guide and change them a bit to better fit what I need to study more or less. I am religiously looking through threads and reading what other people are doing to study. Most people suggest...
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    Is it still 1999?

    Because my GPA from 1999 to 2001 is still haunting me. After dropping out with 40 credits of nearly pure Cs, including most of the basic sciences required for medical school, I went back to school, completed two bachelors degrees with about 3.78 GPA, and a masters in biochem with 3.83 GPA. But...
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    Lab members keep messing up. What to do?

    Im in achem and while the previous experiments have been individual labs, we are now doing group labs. The 2 other members are nice, but they keep on screwing up and causing us to start over or not finish in time. The first lab, one guy added in a wrong reagent (which he admits) in the middle of...
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    Why such little love from UC's?

    I have applied to almost all the medical schools in California, including all of the UC's and have received only 1 II, and even that led to a wait-list. Furthermore, I have already been rejected from several UC's include San Diego and UCSF. Its just so frustrating since I though I would get more...