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  1. bouncydidit

    Advice on how to answer this secondary question?


    should I take full time scribe job?

    I'm currently finishing my freshman year and NEED to leave my hell of a retail job. I've been applying specifically to scribe jobs since January and finally got an offer. The only thing worrisome is that it is a full-time position. Do you think it would be possible to be in school full-time...
  3. W

    Alternative Medical Career: Open Position for Medical Writer/Director

    Medical communications is a burgeoning industry with a high market demand for highly-skilled and experienced individuals to fill medical science leadership positions in various arenas (e.g., private communications groups, pharmaceutical companies, ad agencies, etc.). This fast-paced, exciting...
  4. R

    Freelance Clinical Jobs for Doctors

    Interested in part-time or freelance clinical jobs? Checkout Nomad Health at nomadhealth.com. Nomad is a new, completely free service for doctors to find freelance clinical jobs -- like temporary gigs, telehealth, locum tenens, shift work, etc. -- but without recruiters or paperwork. Doctors...
  5. D

    40 hours/week prn at small hospital OR full time with benefits at large hospital

    Hi I'm in a weird position and hoping for some opinions. The job market has been very rough and I was able to secure a prn position at a small hospital which I have to admit has been a great experience. I'm currently averaging about 40 hours per week and they plan on keeping it that way through...
  6. White Plains Hospital

    Hospitalist and Nocturnist - Full time

    White Plains Hospital has a reputation for both clinical excellence and outstanding personalized care. We are a growing Hospital and physician network, part of the Montefiore Health System. Our expanding Adult Hospitalist Program is seeking exceptional candidates interested in Full Time Night...