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    Advise on how to continue my gap years?

    Seeking some advice on how I should continue. I graduated with my BS in Biological Sciences in 2017 and have been working as a Care Coordinator at a major NYC hospital. I am a first generation American, first to graduate high school/college, URM, and low SES. My low grades were due to a lack of...
  2. S

    Maybe Gap Year?

    Hello everyone! So I was thinking about taking a gap year as I am finishing undergrad this December! Thank God, so I wanted some advice, originally I was thinking to go straight into a post bacc program for next Fall. Which would give me 6 months off before I start school again. But I've been...
  3. R

    Need Advice!!! SMP or DIY Post Bacc/ MCAT Prep

    I’m currently in a predicament and need your advice. I’m a graduate student with a BS in biomedical sciences. My cGPA is 3.2, sGPA 3.0 and MCAT 489 (first attempt). I was advised to enroll in a special masters program but soon realized that going that route would be expensive. The courses that I...
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    Bad GPA/ Dental School?

    Hey guys I need some advice regarding my chances of going to dental schools. Do you guys think its still possible for me to get in? Honest advice only please. If so what schools, should I apply to in the future? GPA (I have one W) 1st semester - 3.02 (C in chem/b in bio) 2nd semester - 3.5 (A...