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May 18, 2019
Hello everyone! So I was thinking about taking a gap year as I am finishing undergrad this December! Thank God, so I wanted some advice, originally I was thinking to go straight into a post bacc program for next Fall. Which would give me 6 months off before I start school again. But I've been getting advice from some friends and family that I should take a year off before going back to school and work work work work. So I'm not sure on what to do. If I take this year off I'm thinking about maybe taking more of the prereq classes and maybe retaking some classes and participate in Summer Dental enrichment programs? But I won't be a full time student and maybe when I have the change to shadow and maybe take the DATs. If I do this then maybe I wouldn't have to do a Post Bacc, I'm not sure, I was also thinking about enrolling in Boston University's Oral Health Masters Program. I honestly don't know the next step but I'm open to hear some of your opinions.

Thank you
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