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Jul 10, 2015
Hey guys I need some advice regarding my chances of going to dental schools. Do you guys think its still possible for me to get in? Honest advice only please. If so what schools, should I apply to in the future?

GPA (I have one W)
1st semester - 3.02 (C in chem/b in bio)
2nd semester - 3.5 (A in chem/b+ in bio)
3rd semester 3.5 (A in physics/c+ in ochem)


5+ Year Member
Sep 4, 2014
Nothing is impossible but it's too early to tell if you have just three semesters.. What's your DAT???
admission is not only based on GPA. It's the whole application..
Keep getting good grades to push up your GPA. Then make sure you get good DAT scores. Add to that good ECs.


5+ Year Member
Sep 18, 2013
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
You have a half blank slate, 3 semesters to go before you apply. If you're a STEM major don't stack pre-requisites on top of each other. Ex. Do Org2 next semester but don't take Phyiscs 2 at the same time. Not judging your work ethic just food for thought: you'll either put in the work now in undergrad or later in a post-bac/Masters etc.
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