1. V

    Is it okay to talk about bisexuality in a diversity essay?

    I grew up in a very Catholic, southern household, and both my parents came from rural areas. I have no ill feelings towards Christianity or towards rural areas, and wouldn't change anything about myself or where I grew up. I feel like my orientation and the experiences I've had because of it...
  2. M

    LGBT Affirmative Action

    I'm asking this for a friend who is LGBT. I was advising him on medical school applications and I thought maybe he can mention his sexuality and his struggles to overcome it in a diversity essay. He is also Hispanice, but does being gay equate to being a URM? I mean, I learned in my health...
  3. Happymadness

    Schools that consider LGBTQ+ applicants URMs

    Hi all, DELETED
  4. Happymadness

    Would love some reassurance, URM, low GPA, high (?) MCAT

    Removed! :)
  5. L

    LGBT interests/ rec letters?

    Hi everyone! I apologize if this has been asked before, I did search as well as I could manage and did not come up with any similar results (I'm a new member). I'm an LGBT pre-med, and I'm applying to med schools in areas that are a less gay-friendly than I would like (Southern US). I'm not so...
  6. Asclepius293

    Gay Pre-Med: HPSP and USUHS

    Hey everyone, I'm a pre med student applying to med school this upcoming summer. I've been really interested in going into military medicine through the HPSP program or the USUHS Military med school. I come from a big military family and I think it would be an honor and unique experience to...
  7. G

    Efficient methods of recruiting gay, college-aged participants

    Hi all, As I'm preparing for data collection for my dissertation (a study which targets gay men currently in college aged 18-25) I'm running into some difficulty with the recruitment process. I've been going through and adding e-mail addresses of directors of GSA's, University Counseling...