Is it okay to talk about bisexuality in a diversity essay?

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Mar 6, 2019
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I grew up in a very Catholic, southern household, and both my parents came from rural areas. I have no ill feelings towards Christianity or towards rural areas, and wouldn't change anything about myself or where I grew up. I feel like my orientation and the experiences I've had because of it have shaped/strengthened my ability to empathize with others. Is it okay to write about this in my secondaries? My fears are:
1. My reader is homophobic or at least doesn't think it's a big deal, and I get points off.
2. My reader is very Christian, and feels personally affronted or hurt (again, I really, really have nothings against Christianity/religion, I just want to be considerate!)
3. My reader has something against bisexual people specifically, like I can't just commit.
Would it be better if I just steered clear of this entirely? I don't want this to be the thing that sets me back if I choose to use it.
Thank you for any/all feedback! I appreciate it very much.

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they just want to know about your experiences and how that shaped who you are today. if the conflict between your background and sexual orientation is integral to shaping who you are today, and you know you can write a compelling account of this, i say go for it
I get where you're coming from, and this isn't something I would necessarily want to mention or rely on as an answer when applying for residency depending on the specialty, or when applying to a more religiously focused school. But medical school admissions committees are specifically looking for diversity, and if you think you can speak to how this will help you contribute to the diversity of the class, you absolutely should. You have some valid concerns, but do you feel you have another strong answer to the diversity question? If you do, you could consider using it, but if this is your best answer, you shouldn't switch to a weaker answer as I think the number of reviewers who might have a problem with your application is going to be limited.

I'm bisexual, but I didn't mention it anywhere in any of my applications because it hasn't affected me in some of the ways that it has affected you and because I haven't been an active participant in LGBT events/community. Therefore, my background as a non-traditional student is a much better answer to the diversity question for me. For you, given your background and experiences, this might be a very good answer to the diversity question.
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