1. D

    Georgetown GEMS 2023-2024

    I am starting a thread for those applying to the Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies (GEMS) Program this cycle. Feel free to post any comments or questions here! Goodluck everyone!
  2. Bembemmaria

    Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies Program

    Hey there, is anyone applying to GEMS when the application opens in January?
  3. I

    Applications to Georgetown SMP or GEMS?

    My dream medical school is Georgetown. I'm looking to apply to either the SMP or the GEMS program and will likely apply to both, but I'm wondering if anyone who was involved in/know of first-hand information about the two programs and their chances of matriculating to Georgetown can give...
  4. M

    Hidden Gem residency programs?

    What programs stood out to you in a surprisingly positive way? I'm not talking about places like Brigham and Duke, but otherwise solid programs that aren't mentioned in the same breath the big dogs. I'm struggling with these ones: -University of Virginia: Very strong clinical training, awesome...
  5. McDreamy2008

    Georgetown GEMS 2017-2018

    Happy New Year everyone! This thread is for everyone that will be applying to GEMS this cycle! Feel free to post throughout the application process, and keep us updated on your progress!
  6. jaygemscourgettigan

    University of Limerick GEMS 2016 Incoming Students

    Hey guys, I'm the EU student liaison for University of Limerick GEMS this year! If you successfully applied you should have gotten a congratulations letter with details of a Facebook group. There appears to have been some miscommunication or difficulty in accessing the page Below is the link to...
  7. OmoNaijj

    Georgetown GEMS 2016-2017

    Hello guys! This space is to keep track of the application timeline! Please feel free to post if you're applying for GEMS this cycle!