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Jul 29, 2014
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  1. Pre-Medical
My dream medical school is Georgetown. I'm looking to apply to either the SMP or the GEMS program and will likely apply to both, but I'm wondering if anyone who was involved in/know of first-hand information about the two programs and their chances of matriculating to Georgetown can give recommendations based on my stats?

cGPA: 3.54
sGPA: ~3.42
School: Ivy
Major: Bio
EC's: varsity athlete, lots of research hours (public health and within my major), publication in philosophy (long story), publication in physics (again, long story), and pending secondary author research (but don't know when that paper will be completed/submitted, since I've graduated), peer counselor, biology club president
GRE: V169/Q170/A5.5

Haven't taken the MCAT yet (plan to sometime this winter), or done too much volunteering (clinical and otherwise). I'm taking a gap year to do more research on a fellowship, so hoping to do my volunteering/studying then.


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Dec 18, 2016
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  1. Pre-Medical
I had way worse stats for cGPA and sGPA and I got into the SMP so I think you will as well. I did have a 511 on my MCAT though so I'm sure that helped.

Honestly I don't really think you need an SMP or at least I would be hesitant about doing one. Your application is solid imo. Yes your cGPA and your sGPA aren't amazing but your extracurriculars look great. At this point, I would focus really on acing your MCAT than focusing on research. If you can get like a 510+ on your MCAT and do well in the SMP I'm pretty sure you'll get in somewhere. Probably should apply to BUMAMS as well because I feel like you would be a good candidate there too.
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