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  1. H

    Is being a specialist better than a general dentist?

    I want to specialize because I heard many people said that if you’ve good grades, specialize, which makes me feel like being a specialist is much better than being a GP in terms of money and lifestyle. I’m a D1, so I don’t know which specialties I’m interested in yet, but I want to get good...
  2. D

    RESTORATIVE DENTISTS: What are some things you wish your specialist colleagues knew?

    Hi, I'm a prosthodontics resident and I'm preparing for an interdisciplinary presentation to future endodontists, periodontists, and orthodontists. I'm trying to develop guidelines that specialists can follow to help guide them through treatment with the restorative goal in mind. Ever refer a...
  3. D

    Pediatric dental residency vs GP

  4. cl24uw06

    Seeking New Dentists in Washington State

    I am seeking highly motivated new or recent dental graduates to join our group practices. Average dentist income in our practices is over 300k per year with the potential of over 1 million on a three day work week. We have establish a proven system to generate patient flow and keep office...
  5. D

    UCSF (IS) vs. UoP

    Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to receive acceptances to both of these schools and want to get people's opinions on both schools! Tuition for UOP is about $130k a year (total: 390k)while UCSF is $60k a year. I am from the bay area so living cost is not included. I don't want to specialize...
  6. J

    GP's needed

    Hi all, I've worked for Kool Smiles for 3 years. I know Corporate can get a bad rap, however, There are some good companies out there, I've worked for Heartland and they are great too. Kool Smiles is a very ethical company, I've never been asked to do anything that would be considered...
  7. E

    Restorations Survey for General Dentists Hello, would you like to participate in an anonymous survey? The survey is open to practicing general dentists located in the United States of America. This study is under the acknowledgment of the WVU IRB and participation is completely...
  8. T

    General dentist job opertunity

    My wife and I are general dentists. We graduated from LLUSD in 2010. We have a growing general dentistry practice north of Seattle, Wa. We are looking for an associate who would like to become a partner. Full time position. You can learn more about our practice at our website...
  9. wengerout

    GP vs. Ortho

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask if it still makes sense to pursue an Ortho residency or would I be better off being a GP and then taking a bunch of Ortho CE? I know with the rise of "Super GP's" the future of Ortho might be uncertain. What do you guys think?
  10. Michael Furlong

    Specialty Dental Practice For Sale - Texas

    Sleep Apnea Specialty Dental Practice For Sale This offering is an exceptional opportunity for a General Dentist looking to own a practice, but not interested in the back-breaking work of traditional General Dentistry. This practice basically runs itself. The current owner only works 4 - 10...