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Sep 14, 2017
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Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to receive acceptances to both of these schools and want to get people's opinions on both schools! Tuition for UOP is about $130k a year (total: 390k)while UCSF is $60k a year. I am from the bay area so living cost is not included. I don't want to specialize as of right now but it's hard to say now when I have no experience shadowing other specialities. I'm asking whether or not the expensive price tag of UOP is worth the clinical training they have compared to UCSF. I am hearing a lot of people saying go to the cheaper school, but if UOP is going to prepare me better, I am willing to make that investment for my future. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post! :)

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Unless you're paying tuition without the assistance of loans, and I'm assuming the $130k is including yearly fees, you're looking at ~$440k for UoP
I calculated $280k for the 4 years at UCSF, again assuming that's both tuition and fees.
That's with no other personal finances included since you say you're from the area and will be getting assistance from parents for housing and food? If that's the case, UCSF wins by far