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  1. Rich Ties

    Stony Brook General Surgery Residency

    Can anyone give me any insight into how the General Surgery program at Stony Brook, NY is? I have been hearing/reading mixed things about it and would love to hear the experience of someone who knows more about it. Any Pros vs Cons? Would you do training there again? Family friendly?
  2. LSMarshall

    Army HPSP Army General Surgery Residency Information

    Attached is the slideshow the Army's "Annual Medical Education Update from 2019" which has a lot of basics. There are still a few worth while questions HPSP students like myself may find useful. I realize the questions I ask below vary year-by-year based on Army needs. That said, historical...
  3. T

    UK Ortho to US Ortho advice: General Surgery Pre-lim Year?

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post on here and I'm wondering if anyone out there can proffer some advice on which avenue to take. To give you some background; I'm a UK graduate currently in the process of sitting the USMLEs. I'm currently booked in for Step 1 in early August and am planning...
  4. B

    Competitiveness for Academic General Surgery Heavy Hitters

    This is my first time posting in SDN, so please let me know if I'm breaking any rules. Question for all of the gen surg applicants here. Obviously as a third year medical student, it is too early for me to have be assessed accurately as an applicant. But I wanted to see what you guys thought...
  5. M

    Which programs can I apply to?

    Hi everyone, Since applications are opening up soon, I was wondering what types of programs I would be competitive for. Coming from a non-academic program, its hard to know what I should/should not apply to. I'm trying to stay in the SE, but am very open to location. My scores are: step 1 230...
  6. M

    Your experience during general surgery internship+residency, and/or trauma/critical care fellowship?

    I'm only a high school sophomore so correct me if I am wrong please, but I believe that the three I have listed are the things you do right after graduating from medical school if you're planning to become a trauma surgeon. Even if you're not specifically going for becoming a trauma surgeon...